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    (The proverbial Buddha in the Window)


Writer’s Dilemma

Being a writer is a sort of curse, a sort of cosmic joke in the eyes of the Creator. He must have a sense of humor. He must… I have a friend, very senior marketing and branding guy, who’s first question to me about my writing – and…

The Postmodern Condition: Is it Fatal?

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What we attempted to do with Theology Reconsidered, at least one of things we attempted to do, was to establish the intellectual framework, the rational grounds you might say, that underpins states of consciousness that broadly fall under the…

What really matters anyway? And Happy New Year.

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Our belief in the fundamental reality of the material world - what we can see, hear, taste and touch - is so strong that it utterly dominates not just our psychological landscape but our intellectual one as well. In the halls of science, there…

Multi-Dimensional Reality

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Dimensions exist all around us. Not just in the animal and plant kingdom but even in the human kingdom - the world or war-torn Syria is an altogether different reality than Wall Street finance in NYC is it not? The notion of beings that…

Turing Machines and Computing

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Another excerpt from Homo Mysticus, from toward the end of the work where the argument is made that man is a (bio-chemical) machine of sorts (ex machina, the subtitle of the work). The set of coincidences that we will go through in the…

TikTok, Dolores Cannon and Hypnosis

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About a month or two ago I cam across the work of Dolores Cannon. I saw videos of her speaking about her work TikTok, my new favorite (anonymous) social media application where all the strange and wonderful beasts of myth and fantasy seem to…


To the family that is broken Generations of pain Of hurt upon hurt Of jealousy and hate Of turmoil and loss Of suffering heaped upon suffering Is there no end to this madness? Can the cycle not be broken? What can be done? When ears…
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