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    (The proverbial Buddha in the Window)


Writer’s Dilemma

Being a writer is a sort of curse, a sort of cosmic joke in the eyes of the Creator. He must have a sense of humor. He must… I have a friend, very senior marketing and branding guy, who’s first question to me about my writing – and…

New talks available on YT

Talks on Eurasian Philosophy, Objective Realism and Chakras and Meditation now available on my YouTube channel available here. Enjoy. Feedback welcome. namaste JV

The Seven Spheres

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God. Good and evil. The struggle is real. All the ancient religions are the same in this regard, the Vedic tradition (and Persian, Zarathustra) has suras, beings of light, and asuras, beings of darkness. This struggle is what drove Nietzsche mad.…

Youtube Channel launch…

Have started a new channel on youtube, new post this morning. Search for Snow Cone Diaries on YouTube or just go here. Same material, different medium... same purpose... Wake up! Namaste JV

The Tree of Life

We are the tree of life And by eating it’s fruit We took human form And through our humanity We experience the world As a world of desire and pain And suffering and loss And joy and exuberance And life and death All two sides…

Coming Out Party

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There’s a few things people need to know. That have been hidden for centuries, millennia even. Closely guarded and kept secret by guardians, handed down generation to generation, transmitted from teacher to student since time immemorial –…

The Shift

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Many of you can feel the shift right now… the shift in consciousness. Starts as a kind of leveling of awareness – the stark picture that is drawn of society when the pandemic hits, the sudden fear based mode of living that kicks in as a reaction to an external threat such as the virus presents...
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