Hello everyone, quick update for you all. If you have not been to the site in some time you can see that it has been redesigned. I like the new look and feel, hopefully you all do as well. All the content is searchable and free, designed to allow for the following of your own line of thinking through the material – ultimately all leading to the same place of course. All roads leading to Rome and all…

I have also started doing some recording of talks that introduce myself, my background as it relates to the subject(s) at hand, and ultimately the journey that the author (Juan Valdez) takes through ancient wisdom and knowledge, through the Age of Science, through modern quantum physics and the study of the ‘paranormal’ to come to the understanding that he does about the true nature of ‘reality’, ‘existence’ and the meaning behind this game we call LIFE.

The video and audio will be linked to the site here, and I will post some of it soon – a sort of cheat sheet for the material as a whole. So you don’t have to do the reading 🙂

Anyway thanks for taking this journey with me, or allowing me to take you on this journey with me you could say.

With cranes chirping in the background in Souther Florida, namaste folks. Keep it real….


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