Logos from Mythos: The Heart of Eurasian Philosophy

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At some level, a religious tradition can be thought of as distinguished by, or even defined by, its creation story – i.e. its cosmological narrative - and the Hindu/Vedic tradition is no different in this regard although it has many nuances…

Eurasian Mythos: Establishing the Laurasian Hypothesis

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These mythological narratives clearly reached back at some level or another into the pre-civilization times of the societies within which they emerged, there was clearly not only similarities between the accounts, but also clearly some “borrowing”…

A Brief History of Modern Man: The Laurasian Hypothesis

The genesis of this work stemmed from an initial seed thought, an idea as it were.  A question really, “Is it possible that the basic metaphysics underlying the theo-philosophy of the ancient Chinese as well as the Greeks, stemmed from the…