Upanishadic Philosophy: Brahmavidyā and the Soul

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Orthodox Indian philosophy, the legacy of the Indo-Aryans, takes on a much different form than it does in the West, and in turn a much different form that it does in the Far East, despite the fact that the intellectual developments – if we…

Vedic Cosmogony: Skepticism, Puruṣa and Hiraṇyagarbha

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When one looks at the early creation myths, i.e. mythos, of the Indo-Aryans[2], what we today call Hinduism, one is confronted with the fact that their early mythology was not so clearly codified or synthesized as its sister cultures in Mesopotamia and…

Yoga and Vedanta: The Legacy of the Indo-Aryans

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You didn’t have to go very far, or have too far out a view on the world, in order to be exposed to Yoga in the hustle and bustle of modern day.  In modern times, what we like to call the "Digital Era", Yoga is viewed primarily as a means…