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Talks on Eurasian Philosophy, Objective Realism and Chakras and Meditation now available on my YouTube channel available here. Enjoy. Feedback welcome. namaste JV

The Law of Unintended Consequences and the Death of the Soul

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Despite all the technological progress that has been made in the last century or two as humanity has taken over virtually every last habitable place on our planet, supported by what can only be referred to as revolutionary advancements in Science,…

Chinese Philosophy: Back to the Beginning

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Given the rapid globalization and synthesis of all human thought that is occurring throughout the world today as more and more Eastern works are translated and transliterated into Western languages and are the topic of much intellectual pursuit…

Subject-Object Metaphysics and Quality: A Reformulation of Logical Positivism

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Subject-object metaphysics, the reality doctrine of modern day, with the apex of thought represented by the highest levels of abstraction in mathematics and Theoretical Physics, has its origins as a reaction, a parallel conception of the nature…

Aristotle and Democritus: Knowledge and the Atom

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Having established the premise of his thesis, what appeared to be clear cultural borrowing of mythological and cosmological themes between and among the ancient Western civilizations, themes which crystalized and evolved into monotheism as it…

The Scientific Revolution: God Learns Analytic Geometry and Calculus

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After much study and analysis then, it was clear to Charlie that there was no notion of this hard distinction/separation of subject and object in the ancient cosmological and philosophical systems of thought that developed in the ancient civilizations…